Welcome to the Antarctique Blog

For my first post I just wanted to welcome you warmly.

Antarctique Terre Adélie prototype in a remote place, Summer 2020

The whole idea behind creating this blog is to make you live the birth of the Antarctique timepieces as if you were with us in Le Locle and Geneva. It came from the daily “surprises” we were experiencing in the last month. We felt it was easier to share them on a “live” stream and show how we were resolving them. It actually also came from your feed-backs when we announced the first delay at the beginning of October explaining everything in detail. You were very positive about knowing these details… so we decided to keep this communication line and to bring it to the next level.

Fine tuning a power horse movement isn’t an easy task. Basically the chances to fail are correlated to the number of manufacturing steps per component… something around 1000 potential failures and in fact every day brings its dosis of unexpected difficulties, which, within an pandemic environment, become just twice more difficult to get over! Yet we keep the smile as much as possible and make partners work in parallel to avoid that delays accumulate. So far the total delay is just the longest one.

This blog is not secret. You can share it with your friends.



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