Microns Sheperds Part 2

Or may be i should call this post “Duc in altum” (dive in the depth).

Each of our bridges batch get tested with a 3d palpation system managed by Metrology.ch one of our testing partner. A little rubis gets inside each hole to mesure the circumference and the shape all across the width of the bridge. Why? Simply because even if cutters are very hard they slightly bend when they penetrate the metal, and the hole can then become conic or can slightly turn.

Hereunder is the kind of report that we receive:

You may say “but it is all good” !

Yes, i saved you the steps where these reports were not “all good” 🙂 Yet, testing is made for that purpose, to help one acknowledge that he or she isn’t perfect and therefore help him or her strive for perfection…

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