Microns Sheperds

Microns are strange animals… they only travel in herd!

And here is what happens when suddenly a herd of microns have left a bridge… 70 pieces to the trash… back to machining again…

Barrel bridges discarded after testing one dimension.

The shape and finish of the SXH5 caliber are quite unique. Made of extra hard Maillechort (German Silver in English, even if it is not German and not Silver) which has a great restance to torsion, it runs in two level, one level is finely laser textured, and the other is manually bevelled (anglage).

Hereunder you can see proofs we made on the finishing and colouring with electroplating.

Once machined the bridges go to a special polishing step, then laser texturing, then, stone setting, then anglage and finally they get electroplated in a mid-grey color…

Here is the first batch of barrel bridges that are ok! and we can continue to keep the microns!!

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