The Story of the Antarctique CHAPTER 1, EPISODE 1

We have been following Czapek with our cameras for 6 years now. To our surprise, what was initially a one piece shoot (see “The Return of a Legendary Watch Brand”) became a much larger series of documentaries… and the start of a very unique friendship.

It was in 2019 that we have heard about this new watch model with its original in-house movement, yet it was only in early 2020 that we were able to capture in video the process of creating this haute horology piece.

Every single time we document Czapek and its team, we are always treated to something interesting and enlightening, and this time is no different. 

Czapek’s venture into creating their premiere sports watch and first movement, resembles an adventure into the Antarctica itself. 
It may be the coldest and windiest continent in the world, but all the struggles and discomforts are worth it to witness its timeless beauty. 

Our plan was to create a large documentary covering all the challenges and successes being the new model and caliber, yet the pandemic decided differently… so we changed the plan! We decided to show you our experiences through our lens with a series of short videos where we follow Czapek’s CEO (and good friend), Xavier.

For our first trip, we visited AB Concept, where the founder Aurélien, was very nice and cool enough to show us the first actual components made for the Antarctique.

We hope that you join us on this journey to discover together the wonders and the story of the Antarctique

~Max & Leo

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