The Story of the Antarctique – EPISODE 2

One of the memorable things we get to experience when following Xavier, is meeting different craftsmen and women and seeing their exceptional skills in person. The finesse, the precision and the seemingly-effortless knowledge of the complex act they’re doing is quite fascinating. 

On the same cold February day we visited AB Concept, we also got a chance to go to Atokalpa. A busy workshop where they do the finishings of the escapements, wheels, pinions and other elements needed to construct a watch. 

Witnessing the craft of assembling these parts together to hopefully complete a beautiful product, reminds us of how Czapek itself works: an assembly of people, big and small, from different companies and places, yet every single one contributes in some way to create the dream that is the Antarctique.

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Update: This video has been modified since 30/11/2020 by adding labels of each work process.

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