Rubis Driving… We Like it Both Ways!

Rubises are used to maintain axis in position and allow rotation with the lowest level of friction. It seems a relaitevely simple task to perform in the pre-assembly of a movement… It is not. Every micron counts when you drive rubises, and the best the position, the better the chronometry of the caliber in the end.

Above, Ludivine is driving rubises into the barell bridge using a classical Horia bracket and a micrometer to check the position of the rubis. This is the usual way to do it.

Hereunder is a different way to drive rubises. It is a computerised high precision system. The advantage of the latter is the precision achieved on a larger scale production. You can see rubises being driven in the Czapek anchor bridge in the next pictures.

Basically we use both techniques. It all depends on the size of the batch and on the component… and no matter how much machinery is involved, in each process you have this human touch which is the one making the difference.

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