The Story of the Antarctique – EPISODE 4

The pandemic has truly affected us all, and its tragic outcome has caused fear and doubt to everybody in the world. Despite all the uncertainties we are experiencing now, the coronavirus epidemic forces us to realize how we can be resilient and courageous. It pushes us to change the way we think and live, and it is up to us to decide how to move forward.

We went back to Switzerland during the early summer, just when the crisis had calmed down. 

We first visited AB Product (by the way, AB Product/AB Concept are the same companies) again to pick up the bridges they have been working on. Like Chronode, they have been a dependable partner of Czapek since the beginning. Not only are they brilliant at their craft, but Aurélien and his team have always been creative and innovative, excited to test boundaries and take risks, just like Czapek. 

Next, we followed Xavier to the lab, where the assembly of the prototype takes place. This is probably the most visually stimulating part of the process because we finally see all the elements being put together to witness in person, for the first time, the unique in-house movement. It is truly a marvel to watch the SXH5 being born. 
Despite some trials and tribulations, Czapek does not show any signs of taking a break… The Antarctique will prevail.

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