The Story of the Antarctique – EPISODE 5

In July of this year, Czapek was on a crucial stage before the final challenge, this is called the Control process. This stage subjects each part of the watch to a number of meticulous tests to ensure the functionality and the precision of each component with a tolerance of 3 microns.

We visited where the team enthusiastically showed us their state-of-the-art process in controlling the main plate of the SXH5. At first, it may seem not very eventful, but it is actually a very important procedure in the micro-mechanics world. Basically, here is where you find out if your invention or design works or not, if some of the parts are functioning or needs to be modified, in short, the bearer of good news and bad. A brand with a top level in chronometry can go up to tens or even hundreds of controls before perfecting a single model. It is the unavoidable method to secure high standards of quality, and Czapek only aims for the best. 

After Metrology, we briefly went to the atelier of Czapek’s new and talented watchmaker, Julian. Soft-spoken and highly-focused, we watch in amazement as Julian impressively assembles the prototype of the Terre Adelie and Abyss watches. Witnessing the assembly and hard work of the watchmaker allowed us to appreciate the Antarctique even more… We realized the vastness of all the challenges and complexities behind the beauty. 
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And finally, for the next episode, we will see the very first Antarctique models given away to their proud owners.

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