Against all odds

We know that sometime in life you have to fight hard to reach you goals, especially when the unexpected becomes a daily routine. The explorers that have made their journey toward the Antarctique would have certainly known this feeling too. Despite the fire of our watch boxes factory, the Covid and its share of delays and complications, we kept moving forward every day 2020. Against all odds. Now, we are happy to say that we have been able to deliver more than 60 Antarctiques to some of our customers and very sorry we could not deliver all of them before Christmas. However, this is already a victory for a small independent company like us and our watchmakers, Julian and Dann, have made an incredible job. Yet humans have their limits too and we cannot jeopardize the quality of our timepieces. Thus, if a watch does not pass our quality tests, then we take the time required to make it perfect! Watchmaking is complex. This is why it is also so beautiful and fascinating. However, we will reach our final destination soon! Between January and February, all the Antarctique owners that have trusted us during the spring 2020 Subscription will receive their timepiece. On this matter, we would like to thank them for all the supporting messages we received already after our last newsletter. It gives us an incredible strength and energy. We are proud and honored to have you on our side and are looking forward to giving you the best in return.

 It is soon Christmas and our Atelier will close for few days in order for our team to rest a bit before lifting the sails and finally touch the Antarctique with all our pioneers.

We wish you all some wonderful holidays and remain there for you, anytime. Because we know that in these difficult times, we are not the only ones fighting against all odds.

Thank you!

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