Race against Time

Dear Friends, dear Rare People,

We are truly sorry for the disappointment and frustration that some of you might be experiencing due to the delivery delays of our Antarctique timepieces.

Unfortunately, we in turn are suffering the post-Covid backlash among watchmaking suppliers in Switzerland. Many of our supplying partners, during the pandemic, got under-staffed, and today, faced with the recovery of the market, are unable to meet the orders of the various brands they supply.

In other words, despite the fact that we have “equipped” ourselves to increase production to meet the growing demand (which keeps increasing, far beyond our expectations) and hired four new people in the team, production is slowed down if not stopped because we are missing some components for Antarctique movements.

Some suppliers are not even able to tell us a date for deliveries, and consequently in turn it is difficult for us to give a date to customers that are waiting for their watches.

Moreover, we have decided to put on stand-by or postpone new product launches for this very reason – because we don’t want waiting customers to feel “taken for a ride”. Our sole focus today is to deliver.

I take the opportunity of this post to introduce Liana, our new customer service manager. Should you require any special assistance, please write her at [email protected]
She will be happy to send order updates whenever possible, track them, etc.

I hope this post will help clarify the situation, although we are aware that the problem is not solved yet.

Please believe me, we’re doing our very best to speed up – it’s a race against time!

With our warmest wishes,

Valeria & the Czapek Team

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