Weight Is Important!

In an automatic movement, the rotor is an eccentric weight pivoting on a central pivot and driven by the motion of the wearer’s arm. Thanks to a series of gears, its rotation winds the barrel’s mainspring to ultimately power the movement.


The self-winding SHX5 caliber is wound by a micro-rotor. Rather than using a traditional rotor that overlaps the movement, this elegant solution provides an unimpeded view of its inner workings. Thanks to its reduced size it can be fully integrated into the movement and hence maintain a thinner movement.

Because of their smaller diameter and hence, lower moment of inertia, micro-rotors are usually fashioned out of extremely heavy metals, for instance tungsten, or even gold or platinum for the most precious timepieces and movements. In the case of the compact micro-rotor of the SXH5 caliber, 100%-recycled platinum 950 is used!

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